A Night At Culture Boutique Hotel

A Night At Culture Boutique Hotel
Culture Boutique Hotel Springfield Missouri Hallway
Lovely sign to point me in the right direction.
I’m nestled in a room that sits above a coffee shop in a restored building on a street being restored in Springfield, Missouri. The room is a clean design without being minimalistic.


Despite the partial exposed brick and Edison bulbs, the room feels tasteful without being voguish. The room has a coffee shop feel without the underflowing feeling of overstaying your patronage or the sickly feeling of eyes on you.
  The hotel’s owners and coffee shop owners are one in the same. The room is subtly themed to represent Casa Blanca as an ode to the Eurasian region that the they philanthropize towards. Through the day, the room is lit with two recessed skylights and a tall, rooftop window.
Sunlit Casablanca Suite at the Culture Boutique Hotel
The hardwood floors are re-purposed with original wood from the building. The open floor design allows you to take in the full space and still allow each station it’s purpose.
Kitchenette in the Casablanca Suite At the Culture Boutique Hotel
This kitchenette added some extended stay amenities to the room.
At night, dangling lights warm the room with a soft, peaceful climate without feeling low-light cumbersome.
Enjoying some afternoon tea in the reading nook at the Culture Boutique Hotel
Afternoon tea in the breakfast nook at Culture Boutique Hotel.
 Culture Boutique Hotel  feels more like an elite AirBnB than a hotel room. It feels more like an experience than a stay. The ownership is staff and they are warm, laid back, and inviting. And yet, they leave no doubt of professionalism. The rooms are much, much more affordable than you’d expect from the setting. For not much more than a stay in a standard hotel room (if not less for some name brands), you can have a space and experience you enjoy rather than tolerate.
The concept and the design are simple and let you feel at ease and whelmed. The amenities compliment the impression wholly.
After you’ve checked in and had the day to try C-Street’s diverse culinary and shopping offerings, you can retreat to your room for a soak in a two-person jacuzzi.
This Jacuzzi tub felt like heaven to soak in.
If baths aren’t your thing, there is a walk-in shower. After you’re sufficiently wrinkled and relaxed, the mattress will encompass you as you easily drift off beneath the night sky framed in the skylight. And in the morning, you can awake refreshed and relish a complimentary cup of Eurasia Cafe’s direct-trade and ethically sourced coffee, served to you with a pour-over kit. The coffee is a remarkable quality and intentional. It serves as a fitting representative to the stay.
Pour Over Coffee
Morning coffee pour over style
I couldn’t get enough of the coffee, and I found myself down in the coffee shop that morning with another cup ordered while I glanced through their characteristically simple menu.
Eurasia Cafe’s menu
Each dish was flavorful and clean. It seems like every hotel has a restaurant attached to it. But this one pairs fluently and allows you to carry the mood of your room into your dining.
A maple latte and breakfast sandwich from Eurasia Cafe


Just look at this breakfast sandwich! Delicious!


I loved my stay at Culture Boutique Hotel. I’ll recommend it to any Springfield-bound visitors. I hope when you visit that you’ll set aside some time to enjoy the room and appreciate the atmosphere. If you’re a local do what I did, and take a break from the routine. If you’re coming from out of town, a couple or few nights here will take your visit from a trip to a vacation.


Culture Boutique Hotel in Springfield Missouri

Disclaimer: This stay was not sponsored.
The building is located just in front of an active rail line. Trains are passing through the night. If you’re a white noise sleeper, this isn’t much of a problem. (While I was sleep drunk, I mistook the noise for crickets–even though it was snowing.)

The open floor design means that your bathroom door is a curtain. So if you’re going as a couple (the room is not set up for families), then you should be very comfortable with your partner’s bathroom habits.
And while C-Street is undergoing a gentrified boom, it is still the center of the rougher side of Springfield. I had no problem during my stay or during any other time that I’ve spent on Commercial Street recently.